The most economical solution for small, easily adaptable spaces

In Piscinas Menorca we have a wide range of removable pools made of wood, steel or composite from the Manufacturas GRE. These pools are easy to install either underground or off-ground, which can be adapted to any size space. They are also suitable for semi-burial.

We also have all kinds of complements such as filtration kits, safety ladder and accessories so that you can fully enjoy your swimming pool and the summer.

Manufacturas Gre is the No.1 manufacturer in sales in Spain. Buying a Gre swimming pool is synonymous with quality.

Detachable wooden swimming pools

This type of swimming pool stands out for the physical qualities of natural wood.

Its installation is very easy and its rustic aesthetics make it an ideal element that adapts perfectly to any garden.

Wood is a natural, living, sustainable and ecological material that stands out for its strength and durability.

Steel removable swimming pools

The possibilities of removable swimming pools made of steel without tireless. Its aesthetics can vary offering an aspect of wood, graphite and even stone. But if you want something more classic, we recommend white steel, clean and elegant aesthetics.

These pools are durable and easy to install. Although they are strong and compact, they also offer a high degree of flexibility to adapt to any size space.

In this case, the sheet steel is totally stainless and of high quality, and can be mounted off the ground, buried or semi-buried.

Detachable composite pools

The pools with composite structure are made of a new material mix of wood and polymers.

Combining resin and wood results in a composite that is more resistant than wood, so that it does not splinter in the face of shocks and does not require so many maintenance tasks, since it does not rot on contact with water or atmospheric agents.

These pools stand out for their balance, providing elegance, solidity and minimal maintenance needs. They are assembled and disassembled very quickly, giving them great flexibility comparable to tubular pools.